Maximizing Engagement with video

Plan Sponsors Rank Effective Employee Engagement as Top Priority for Advisors

Sponsors Seek Advisors that Can Rise to the Challenge and Cut Through the Noise

The average person receives hundreds of communication touchpoints each day—from business and personal emails to calls, texts, and messages received via social channels. Employees are constantly saturated with content, which makes it that much more difficult to deliver benefits education that will cut through the noise, engage them, and inspire action. As they often do, sponsors have looked to their advisors to help drive the right strategy to effectively engage and educate employees. Industry research suggests that advisors that can deliver on this challenge are in particularly high demand. Among retirement plan sponsors looking to switch advisers, engaging education was a top pain point, with 34% of sponsors reporting that they were seeking someone with “more effective employee communication and education options.” 1

The question remains: how can advisors deliver plan communications in a truly engaging way to help them win new and retain existing retirement plan business?

Video Gets—and Keeps—Employees Engaged

The answer: use video. Humans digest visual information 60,000 times faster than text.2 Furthermore, testimonials from our advisor partners suggest that our videos— covering topics from retirement planning and investment education to financial wellness and health benefits—not only get employees’ initial attention, but they keep them engaged. Advisors have shared that the majority of employees watching personalized video messages in Venrollment are watching the video in its entirety.

Win New Business and Demonstrate Value to Existing Clients with Our Scalable Platform

At Venrollment, we believe that having video education capabilities is just the first step. Being able to demonstrate the results that our videos drive with employees is what helps advisors really demonstrate their value and retain client relationships. That’s why we offer a full Venrollment Analytics suite, offering the ability to generate customized reports for plan sponsor clients outlining key engagement metrics including the number of employees that have opened video touchpoints the advisor has shared and how video viewership has trended over time. Plan sponsors’ expectations of their plan advisors continue to evolve, but one theme continues to reign supreme: advisors’ ability to effectively engage employees. Venrollment helps advisors not only rise to this challenge, but it also enables them to do it in a scalable, measurable way while continuing to deliver the personal touch that helps them earn employees’ trust. Contact our team today to learn more about our platform and how it can take your employee engagement tactics to the next level.

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