How it works

Venrollment is the custom video & knowledge share platform that puts retirement plan advisors and healthcare brokers in control of communications.

Make Custom Employee Benefit Videos in a Matter of Minutes

Using our software, you can quickly and easily build a customized video platform to communicate plan benefits to your employees. Here's how…

Add Your Branding

Input your company name, upload your logo, select corporate colors, and pick background music.

Input Your Details

Incorporate all plan details related to your retirement and health care benefit plans.

Add Your Resources

Include all your plan resources, service providers, contact information, documents, and links.

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No risks. No commitments. Learn how you can harness Venrollment to:

  • Boost sales & cross-selling.
  • Increase engagement and enhance retention.
  • Address plan questions with personalized videos.
  • Significantly reduce video production time & investment.
  • Impact retirement outcomes.

Platform Features That Supercharge Your Communications

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Build From the Core Out

Add your specific details to our core explainer video, and give your participants a bespoke, educational, and engaging video they can reference on their time.

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Use Alternate Languages

Create your videos in Spanish, and add closed captions in 15 different languages.

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Engage Through Multiple Video Formats

Build custom plan videos, send personalized video messages and share built-in educational videos. Annually upload virtual enrollment and educational meetings.

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Manage Changes Quickly

If your plan details ever change, you can quickly edit and generate a new video with the click of a button.

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Own the Communication

Aggregate and deliver all the most important benefits info in one platform: retirement plan videos, healthcare benefits videos, all plan documents, external links, contact info, and more.

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Distribute Your Messages

Engage employees by distributing videos, meetings, links, and updates directly from the Venrollment software platform.

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