Created by Benefit Advisors

Venrollment was founded by a group of benefit advisors searching for a better way to connect with participants of large plans.

Working with a client who was struggling to describe their global benefits to employees, our team received a simple request: Can you just make an explainer video for this?

Reducing the Cost of Video

It was clear that a full-fledged video production is out of reach for most clients. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and the slightest change in plan details meant pouring more capital and resources into keeping the video fresh. And that's when it hit us…

What if we could bring the advantages of custom video to retirement plan advisors–without dragging them through a lengthy and expensive video creation process?

Streamlining Custom Video Creation

Our solution became simple: Wrap software around a core benefits message, and develop a menu of plan variables for our clients to choose from. With that as a base, we were able to compile specific plan details into an easy-to-understand (and easy-to-update) video that's ready in minutes.

And just like that, Venrollment was born, eliminating the complexities, high costs, and time constraints of custom video production.

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A Benefits Communication Platform is Born

Today, Venrollment is being used by plan sponsors throughout the country to connect with participants on retirement planning and plan features.

Connect with a team member today and let us show you how Venrollment plan videos can help you and your business.

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